Used Engine Assembly

Used salvage yard enginesUsed engine assemblies at Used Car Parts Central, we have a nationwide network that offers you unlimited access to used engines. We offer used OEM engines at the most competitive prices on the internet which are insurance A grade Tested in condition. Our engines are a complete assembly including manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor and we guarantee only the long block. Unlike other Junkyards or salvage yards, we don’t require a core charge or the return of the core for smaller engines.

Before the engine is shipped, it is inspected for any physical damages and the engine is always run tested for any knocking sound, oil leakage, smoke or rattling. After the engine passes our Quality check, the engine is removed from the vehicle and the pictures of the engine are sent to the customers before the engine is shipped out. Only after the approval of the customer is the engine shipped out. 

Accessories such as used transmissions, starters, alternator, air compressors, , power steering pumps, optical distributors, Turbos, wiring harnesses or water pumps are usually not included and if included are not under warranty.

Other items that may need to be replaced are the water pump, distributor cap, spark plugs and wires and possibly timing chain.

We take your Vehicle Identification Number ( VIN ) and match it with the engine we send to you just so that we do not waste your time and money. Used Car Parts Central is the best way to buy used engines online which could save you a lot of money.